Forge Intercooler Kit for Audi S1 Quattro

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Audi's S1 Quattro packs the large 2.0 TSI engine from the Golf GTI into a much smaller chassis, so some things are bound to be compromised!
Unfortunately this has manifested in the way of the stock intercooler, being around a quarter the size of the one found on the Golf!

On a mapped car this easily saw the intake temperatures up above 80 Celsius!

The space available for a larger core is unfortunately very limited, but forge have resolved this by using a unique stepped core with bespoke cast end tanks, meaning an intercooler that performs excellently over and above stock. On initial testing, Forge recorded a 30 Celcius+ drop in inlet temperature, giving a boost in power of around 10bhp with no other modifications. On a colder day the increase would be even greater.

This intercooler comes in a stealth black finish giving it a very OEM appearance once installed.


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