APR K04 Turbocharger Kit - Volkswagen Golf Mk6 1.8TSI / 2.0TSI

APR K04 Turbocharger Kit - Volkswagen Golf Mk6 GTI Scirocco 2.0TSI

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APR's Transverse 2.0 TSI Audi S3 and VW Golf R Engine Conversion Packages will upgrade your current factory rated 200hp and 207lb-ft Transverse 2.0 TSI Engine with all of the necessary OEM components from the European Audi S3 and VW Golf R and meticulously recalibrated Engine Management to produce 366 horsepower and 380lb-ft of torque on 98 Octane gas.

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Reliability, drivability, stealth and enhanced performance that cannot be bested are the highlights of APR's newest OEM-component based conversion package.

APR's engineers have expertly recalibrated the engine management system to allow for nearly flat torque delivery from 3000 RPM to 5000 RPM which results in a smooth linear pull throughout the power band. Keeping the track enthusiast in mind, this conversion package will not result in overpowering of the driveline but will allow for smooth acceleration to easily maintain control while cornering.

The Borg Warner K04 turbocharger selected by VAG engineers is perfectly sized for the 2.0 liters of displacement to allow for stout horsepower numbers as the RPMs increase with no dramatic fall off as redline approaches. This ensures plenty of power in the high RPMs for continued acceleration in the straights and positioning at the healthiest portion of the power band after corner exit.

APR provides all hardware and software needed to ensure a complete install. All items which can be pre-assembled on the turbocharger come pre-assembled by APR. The APR K04 turbocharger system consisting of the following:

APR EMCS Software
APR Modified OEM K04 Turbocharger with Billet Compressor Wheel, Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold, N75 Solenoid and Wastegate Actuator
APR CNC Turbo Outlet Flange
APR Turbo to Turbo Outlet Flange O-Ring
APR Turbo to Turbo Outlet Screws (3x)
APR Turbo Outlet Silicon Hoses
APR Turbo Outlet Hose Clamps (2x)
APR CNC Compressor Cover DV Mounting Flange
APR Turbo to DV Mounting Flange O-Rings (2x)
APR Turbo to DV Mounting Flange Screws (3x)
OEM DV Mounting Screws (3x)
OEM DV Mounting Screw Lock Washers (3x)
APR Laser Cut PCV Port Cover
APR PCV Port Cover Gasket
OEM PCV Port Cover Screws (2x)
OEM PCV Port Cover Screw Lock Washers (2x)
OEM Turbo Manifold Gasket
OEM Turbo Manifold Nuts (4x)
OEM Downpipe Studs (4x)
OEM Downpipe Nuts (4x)
OEM Downpipe Gasket
OEM EVAP Line One Time Use Hose Clamps (3x)
OEM Oil Return Line Gasket (2x)
OEM Oil Feed Line Washers (2x)
OEM Coolant Feed Line Washers (2x)
OEM Coolant Return Line Washers (2x)

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